Bank Positive Pay™ - Features

1. Data Import - Imports check records from your client's Accounting Package.
2. File Creation - Creates the file in your format
3. File Transmission - Transmits the file
4. Notification - Provides email notification of transmission
5. Reporting - Full reporting package with Excel export capability
6. Scheduler - Automate the entire process for an unlimited number of accounts

1. Data Import

Bank Positive Pay can import from every major accounting package on the market, including files in:
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft Access
• Text - Fixed Width
• Text - Tab Delimited
• Text - Comma Delimited (csv)
• 'Copy and Paste' from Excel

These files are generated from standard system reports in the client's Accounting Package, which are then saved to disk.

Date Formats The system can handle a wide variety of date imports, whether:
• embedded in text
• nonstandard (International)
• Excel Serial date format

Voided Checks The system identifies voided checks and marks them accordingly.

Note: The system automatically saves the imported file column mapping. Therefore, the file only needs to be mapped once, or whenever the file layout changes.

2. File Creation
The transmission file will be preconfigured.

Our software can create a file for any Bank, including:

• Fixed or delimited format

• Headers, footers

• Transactional detail - date, amount, description, etc...

• Identification information and other constants such as account or customer number

3. File Transmission
The transmission protocols will be preconfigured.

The file can be sent from your customer's location to your Bank system via:
• Web Upload
• Email

All transmissions are archived to:
· provide for a full audit trail
· allow for resubmission

· There is no system limit to the number of recipients for email transmission and/or notification.

· FTP includes settings for both Customer (local) and Bank (remote) Firewalls

4. Notification/Summary Transmittal
Have the system automatically send a notification with summary totals when transmitting.

Email to:

• An unlimited number of addresses

• Your bank staff, as well as your client's internal distribution

5. Reporting

Your clients can produce a variety of industry standard reports, as well as create their own.

All reports can be exported to:

• Microsoft Excel



Our reporting engine comes with 'Microsoft Outlook Style' grouping to enable drill-down and analytical reviews.

6. Scheduler

Our scheduler allows for unattended operation of the entire process from start to finish.

Whether your clients have one, or multiple accounts, each account can:

• Import

• Create

• Transmit

• Notify

• Back up the data file to a Network Server



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