How to Order:

Private Label Program -

First Time Orders
We can start preparing your order as soon as we receive the following:
• Bank logo
• File format (record layout)
• Transmission information (FTP, URL or email address)

Please contact our Development Department:
Online (email)
866 BANK-REC (voice)
866 BANK-FAX (fax)

There are no contracts, license minimums, setup fees or paperwork to fill out. We make Positive Pay transmissions easy, affordable and fun (can we say that...?)

We will then:
• Create a fully branded and configured program for you, packaged in an InstallShield file.

• Provide a web page to enable your clients to download from our site as well. In addition, you may distribute this file without limitation.

Existing Account - Additional Licenses
Once you are on the Bank Positive Pay Private Label Program, you can generate and manage the licenses for your clients. Follow the individualized instructions you received at sign up to access the Automated License System.

If you are currently a Private Label customer and need these instructions, contact your in-house administrator, or your sales representative at 866 BANK-REC, or online (email).

If we can assist you in any way, please contact us at 866 BANK-REC.

Can't find what you need? Contact us online or at 866-226-5732
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